About Us

Who are we?

We are 100% Irish owned. Two sisters with a sense of humour combined with a love for sloths! 


How did it all begin?

As cliché as it sounds, the idea came to us while we were sitting around the kitchen table. It took us quite some time to bring this little character to life, but once we finally nailed the facial expression, the character of Slothy Joe was born! The slogans were the easy part... there's a background behind each one. Some you may get straight away, others might take you a little longer ;) We have many more to come. Combining both ideas has made us who we are today - Sloths and Slogans!


But who is he?

He's cheeky, he's witty, a little mischievous, with a charming side. He's the type of guy you could bring home to your mother but would never introduce to your father. Meet Slothy Joe!


How we give back

We will be giving 5% of our profit to a chosen charity each year. 


Happy Shopping!

We hope you love our clothing and merchandise as much as we do!

We have launched just in time for Christmas (because we simply love Christmas) but our full clothing and accessory range will be released in January, so please stay tuned. Until then... stay slothy!